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Project TitleMethod for Fabricating Optical Semiconductor Nanotubes and Devices
Track Code10055
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Semiconductor micro- and nanotubes allow incorporation of ordered structures such as quantum wells and quantum dots, thereby providing the potential for ultralow threshold micro and nano-scale lasers for use in applications such as ultrahigh-speed photonic systems as well as quantum information processing. The intellectual property provides processes of manufacturing these with high reproducibility, low processing complexity, and at high densities.


Freestanding micro-tubes on Si can potentially overcome problems associated with the generation and propagation of dislocations in conventional III-V devices on Si due to the large difference in their lattice and thermal-expansion coefficients and surface incompatibility. The technology provides a simple and controllable substrate-on-substrate transfer process, enabling the achievement of freestanding InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot microtube ring resonators on Si with properties identical to those on GaAs.

Posted DateJan 16, 2012 11:25 AM


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