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Project TitleA Heuristic Algorithm for Slicing CAD Parts and Producing Deposition Paths for Rapid Prototyping
Track Code11041
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The software is for converting STL or PLY CAD data into boundary and fill paths for rapid freeze prototyping (RFP). The algorithm, developed for one commercial robotic system, can also be used to produce toolpaths for other rapid prototyping systems. The algorithm entails five steps: (a) geometry data and other control parameters are imported; (b) the geometry is sliced at several equidistant heights to form bounding paths; (c) contours for the scaffolding material are computed; (d) part and scaffolding paths are buffered in or out to account for deposition path width; and (e) fill paths are computed.

Posted DateDec 19, 2011 11:27 AM


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