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Project TitleIndustrial applications of Spectrophonometry: Determination of fractional composition of solvent mixtures and contaminants
Track Code09124
Short Description

Technology platform enabling the determination of the fractional composition of a constituent in a multi-component liquid mixture using multivariate statistical analysis of the ultrasonic frequency profile. Ultrasonic spectrophonometry may be exploited to determine the fractional composition in a ternary mixture comprising water, ethanol and methanol as well as determination of the fractional composition of certain contaminants; all across scattering layers and boundaries. The system and methods are highly suited to industrial and environmental application.


Platform technology amenable to an array of analytical applications
ranging from industrial, environmental, and clinical.  The system is inexpensive, rapid and user friendly; it is scalable to real time measurements and extendable to field applications.

Tagsultrasound, fractional composition
Posted DateMar 13, 2012 10:31 PM

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