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Project TitleLateral growth of high quality semiconductor thin film
Track Code10047
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Technology has been developed to enable lateral growth of high-quality crystalline semiconductors films on substrates or other epitaxially grown layers where the underlying substrate or layer have a high degree of lattice mismatch. Currently most epitaxial semiconductor films are grown vertically. To integrate lattice mismatch materials, materials are either directly bonded or a thick graded buffer is used in order to reduce threading dislocations, and reduce stresses and cracking. This is made possible using metal-catalyzed semiconductor growth which limits nucleation and growth to a specific, predefined location where the catalyst is present. The techniques which can be adapted to various semiconductor manufacturing processes also prevents the formation of grain boundaries. Consequently a wide range of devices such as photo-voltaics, solid state lighting, high speed microelectronics and opto-electronics would benefit from having large amorphous substrates with single crystalline semiconductors films.

Posted DateMar 12, 2012 3:41 PM

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